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Endless efforts

Lesavan – A dress of artwork. After designing, it takes at least at least 3 days to make the dress.

Day 1 creating smoking patterns.

Day 2 putting all parts of the dress together.

Day 3 elaborating hand embroidered.

When one goes wrong the artisan undo and redo it again, another round. It takes other days. The efforts make the dress prettier.

Unlike mass production, if a product is different from the sample, it would be discarded. Lesavan dresses are not necessarily the same other, they’re artworks, and each of them is beautiful in its own way

It’s a story of us.

We’re made of a thousand pieces of life.

Sometimes we fail, learn a lesson, pick ourselves up, and put in more effort. We may succeed or we may fail again (it hurts). The failures do not make us uglier. It just makes us become more of us.

We’re livelier because of the pieces of failure, lessons, and success picked up in our life journeys. As long as we don’t give up, we’re beautiful artworks of our lives.

Feel it with hearts, beautiful artworks are always here, around us. Have you had a beautiful artwork for your girls today? I have for you.