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Story of a dress for Christmas

It was when Savannah and Ms. Binh talked about their FW23 design.

“I want to make something special for 15Th Christmas,” said Miss Binh.

“I got an ideal design for you to celebrate it. The double-breasted hand-smocked dress could be worn for parties, a Christmas gift, or both, so moms do not have to worry about how they dress their kids or what Christmas gifts they will give for their kids’ friends.”

“Love that,” Said Miss Binh “Hand-smocked pattern at the neck, and wrists will elevate its elegance, of course for their comfort. A kid can wear it as a coat, or a dress.”

“And your excellent skill will be shown perfectly in the dresses” Savannah

After that

It took Lesavan weeks to have final designs that you will love. Discover now.